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1. All of my products/services are subject to availability.
In the event of any difficulties supplying the plant material/flowers you have asked for, I will make suitable substitutes of the same value and do not have to disclose this to the customer.
Please be aware that due to season/adverse market conditions/poor wholesale stock I cannot guarantee that I can always provide specific flowers asked for. However,I will make every effort to avoid this. 
Also, please be aware that flowers are natural products and colours may differ to as you expect, but I will always try my best to source the flowers in the colours you had hoped for. 
2. Payment.
All payment options will be given to you in your quote. From here you can choose how you would prefer to pay. 
Refunds are given where deemed necessary, details will be given in your quote as to when you will/will not receive a refund. Please see cancellation policy for more details.
3. Delivery/Set up/Take down:
A delivery/set up/take down fee will be calculated and included in your event quote.
Please ensure that the details you provide to us are correct eg. venue address/set up time. 
After I have left the venue, or you have collected your flowers, I will not be held accountable for any damage caused to the flowers. Either by bad handling, accidental damage or candles being lit in arrangements. 
Also, it is your responsibility to choose how you wear any designs provided eg: buttonholes. 
If your event requires a take down, this must be arranged at time of booking, otherwise this is not my responsibility to remove any flowers from the venue. 
4. Cancellation/Postponement: 
If your wedding or event is postponed for more than 6 months after the original date, your quote will need to be revised and possibly adjusted, due to price increases over time.
For all bookings I take a non-refundable retainer of 20% of you order total.  
In the event of cancellation a refund will be issued accordingly, depending on the situation/date of cancellation.
Each booking will be provided with a full list of dates in your quote, as to when you can cancel and still receive a refund and where your cut off date is.
Any changes made to a booking must also be made by certain dates (see quote) as after your flowers have been ordered, limited changes can be made and I may have to re quote. 
If you are not happy with your order, complaints must be made within 1 day of receiving your flowers. Please be aware these are perishable goods and if not properly taken care of they will not last to their full potential.
For every event I will give advice on how to care for your flowers/what to do once they have been displayed. 
If I can see my advice has been ignored and the flowers have died earlier than expected I am not obliged to offer a refund. 
6: Damage:
All goods, eg. vases, urns, archways etc. that have been provided by me, remain the property of Flowers by Louise and any hired goods remain the property of the company provided by.
Therefor, a returnable breakage fee will be included in your quote.
Any goods must be returned in perfect condition for the fee to be returned to you, if there is any damage to my property the fee will not be returned and I am obliged to charge you for any extra damage fees. 
7: General Disclaimer:
In the event that Flowers by Louise cannot provide booked services, due to health reasons or adverse weather conditions, a suitable plan will be put in place to either have someone else deliver your flowers, or deliver at a later date where possible. 
If it is impossible to rearrange delivery (in the event of a wedding) or I am prevented in anyway from being able to provide the booked services, a full refund will be made. 
After the booking fee is paid you are proceeding into a contract and therefore must comply with the terms and conditions.
I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and as the owner of Flowers by Louise, can suspend my services at any time. 
Updated February 2020

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